The following is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

Dream of: 15 August 2011 "Lost"

As I was strolling though the convoluted streets of the business section of a behemoth European city, I noticed that a comely young German Shepherd was following me. Although I didn't own the dog, I had accepted some responsibility for it, but I had thought I had left it in the room where I was staying, and I was dismayed that it had followed me. Since I clearly couldn't allow it to run wild through these busy streets, I managed to grab it by the collar and attach a make-shift leash so I could control it.

No sooner had I resumed walking with the dog than we encountered a black man who was also walking a big long-haired black dog. I was afraid my dog and the other dog would start fighting, but they didn't. They did, however, manage, to entangle their leashes which the black man and I had to disentangle.

When I again continued walking my dog, another black man started walking along beside me. He pulled out a tan glove with light-brown leather on one side and held it in front of me. I thought it was only one glove but then he pulled it apart revealing two gloves, apparently brand-new. He asked me if I would be interested in buying them. I took them in my hand, scrutinized them and handed them back to the man. I then told him I would give him a dollar for them. I didn't think he would accept such a paltry amount, but he said he would take it.

I pulled out my billfold and began looking for a one-dollar bill. Only when I looked inside and saw several twenties did I realize that I had recently put extra money in my billfold and that I might be making a mistake by pulling out my billfold in front of the man. I saw other bills, including a two-dollar bill, then finally pulled out a one-dollar bill and handed it to the man. He snatched the bill and turned as if he were going to walk off. I immediately told him he needed to give me the gloves. He handed them to me, then moved on.

As he was walking away, I reflected that perhaps I should find out how to locate him in case he had anything else to sell. But then I further reflected that the gloves were probably stolen and that he had probably shoplifted them. I was unsure I would want to buy more stolen property.

I continued my walk. I was ready to return to the place where I was staying, but I suddenly realized I had strayed a bit out of the way and I wasn't quite sure where I was. I passed an intersection which I definitely recognized as someplace where I had been years ago, but I was still uncertain which way to go. I knew it was easy to get lost in a big city like this, and as I continued on, I realized I was definitely lost.

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