Dream of: 07 August 2011 "The Assignment"

 Once again I was taking classes at law school. I had been given the assignment of preparing the initial petition for a law suit and I was at home working furiously to complete it. It was supposed to be turned in this morning, but I still hadn't finished it, and by now I had missed the class. I continued working on my lap top, thinking if I completed the petition by the end of the next hour, I could still rush it to the law school and turn it in to my professor (who resembled my old law school professor, McSwain).

A reference to Harry Potter seemed to be buried somewhere in the petition.

I was having terrible difficulty, however, with writing. I couldn't seem to spell the words right and my grammar did not seem cohesive. It was already half past the hour and I had to be finished at the top of the hour. It seemed hopeless. I hadn't even included the attorney fees at the end of the petition. I thought I would ask for $300 an hour, although $150 an hour seemed sufficient to me. I figured the professor would expect someone in his class to ask for $300 to indicate what a good lawyer was working on the case.

I wasn't even sure why I was in law school again. The professors didn't know that I was already a lawyer and I didn't intend to tell them. But I knew I didn't have to go to law school. I thought I was simply going so I could learn more law. Nevertheless, it seemed as if I were going through a lot of trouble to do so. I wondered if it were even worth it.

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