Dream of: 05 August 2011 "A Dull Life"

I was living in the Wayne Hills government-subsidized apartment complex in Portsmouth, across the street from Michelle's ex-boyfriend, Wayne. Like Wayne, I was living on the second floor. I had gone to Wayne's apartment (which seemed different from normal) for a visit. While I was sitting in the front room, Wayne's friend Brown and an attractive tall thin woman (probably in her late 20s) walked in. I had met the woman once before. I knew that Brown used to have another girlfriend but apparently they had broken up. Both Brown and the woman seemed intoxicated. I reflected that I had never spent much time with Brown and I thought I might like to get high with him. In fact, I felt like getting completely high.

After the woman sat down next to me and we began talking, the subject of Michelle came up. The woman knew that Michelle and I had broken up. I had the feeling that the woman was interested in me and I didn't think Brown cared.

I thought I could take the woman across the street to my apartment. I already felt high and she seemed high. There was a liquor store on the corner of the street which was handy. As I sat next to the woman, I wondered what would happen if I took her on a date and we ran into Michelle and Michelle's date. Perhaps we could switch partners. It was sad to think that that might be the only way that Michelle and I would ever be together. I wondered if Michelle sometimes came to Wayne's. If so, she probably looked across the street at my apartment and thought what a dull life I led there alone. But I knew I could get out and party anytime I wanted.

The woman and I started kissing. Even though Brown was still in the room, the woman lay back and I lay on top of her. She reached down and started feeling my penis which was not erect, but small and shrunk up. I hadn't had sex in a while. I began kissing the woman and my penis started to come alive. I didn't feel her tongue although her mouth was open. I thought I would take the woman to my house. Since I was no longer with Michelle, I was ready to start having sex again with someone else.

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