Dream of: 02 August 2011 "Telling The Future"

 As I was walking around a forested park-like area, I encountered an older man (probably in his 60s). We sat down together on a board, with him on my left. I felt young, perhaps in my early 20s, and I enjoyed conversing with the older man. As we talked, he mentioned that I would one day be killed by a rocket. His statement was so unlike anything I had ever heard before, I needed a few minutes to digest what he had said. Finally I said, "I don't believe you."

I didn't believe him because I didn't think it was possible for anyone to see the future. I had previously given the subject ample thought, and had long ago concluded that no one could tell the future. I was also beginning to wonder if I should even trust the man and whether I should continue talking with him. I had the vague impression that he might belong to some kind of cult and that he wanted me to join up.

Slowly I realized that we were flying. Although we were still sitting on the thick heavy board, we were high above the lush forest which was spread out far below. I was truly amazed. Obviously the man did indeed have some powers, although I still wasn't ready to concede that he could tell the future and that I would some day be killed by a rocket. I was never around rockets and I had nothing to do with rockets.

When I saw my pet Dalmatian Picasso (1995-2009) below, I thought of a test for the man. I told him I wanted him to command Picasso to dig a hole in the ground. I knew that Picasso had never been taught that command, so if Picasso followed the man's command, I would have to concede that the man did have some extraordinary powers.

We swooped down near Picasso and landed. The man immediately commanded Picasso to dig a hole in the ground. I was amazed when Picasso somehow picked up a little sharp metal instrument in his paw and started digging into the ground. I was even more amazed when Picasso pulled back a swath of the ground, and brilliant yellow light streamed in profusion up out of the hole.

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