Dream of: 26 July 2011 "The Race"

I was flying around up above the tree tops, relishing my flying skills. I was more adept and confident at flying than ever. I thought how I could soar into the sky, then skillfully plunge to the earth. I still had to beware of electric wires, however. I noticed that several such wires were strung in the vicinity and I knew that some of them were live. I especially noted that no birds were perched on any of the wires, a sign that the birds were also aware of the dangers of the wires.

I finally descended to the earth and went into a house where my father, my mother, and my sister were living. I seemed to be staying there for a while, although I wasn't living there. I noticed that another fellow (around 30 years old) had moved into the house and was occupying a bedroom just down the hall from my mother's room. I had my doubts about the fellow and I thought he should be checked out. I thought that he haled from Dallas and that I should be able to check his record in Dallas to see if he had any criminal past.

A meal was being prepared and guests had been invited. A woman showed up with her black-haired daughter. The daughter was probably about 20 years old and she looked interesting. I thought I might like to talk with her, but at the moment I felt as if I wanted to go flying again. When I had been flying before, I had been wearing some heavy shoes and a bulky jacket. I now took off the shoes and jacket, as well as my socks, and I headed for the door. Just as I was walking out, I heard my sister say sarcastically to the woman and her daughter, "He flies."

I simply couldn't understand why my sister was so disdainful of my flying. As I rose again into the air outside the house, I was sure that other people outside also saw me, but as usual, no one seemed to give me any notice. I had never been able to figure out why no one ever put any importance on my ability to fly.

Undeterred, however, I headed toward the Ohio River near Portsmouth, Ohio. When I reached the river, I thought I should be able to fly all the way across it without problem. I might have hesitated to attempt such a flight in the past, but I felt that I would now be up to it.

Just as I was about to take off across the river, however, I noticed a motor boat on the shore below me. A man was in the motor boat and was just about to take off. I saw him looking up to me as I looked down at him, and I immediately sensed a challenge. When he started up his motor and headed into the water, I flew above him, picking up speed. The race was on. He revved his engine and I began flying as fast as I could, perhaps faster than I had ever flown. I positioned myself so my left shoulder was breaking the wind in front of me. We were neck and neck, going faster and faster, until finally I pulled ahead of him. When he saw he was beaten, he started slowing down. I had won the race! I felt elated.

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