Dream of: 21 July 2011 "Red River"

While I was the captain of a fairly large ship with perhaps 20-30 passengers, I became lost and I had to stop to figure out where I was. The ship traveled not only upon water, but also upon land, and while we were traveling overland through a town, I decided to ask for directions. I was able to easily deboard the ship (with all my passengers) and walk into a huge gothic building.

Inside I encountered a friendly woman (probably in her 30s and dressed in white) whom I began asking for directions. When she indicated that my passengers and I might want to stay there in her establishment for awhile, I had the distinct impression that the place was a brothel. Hardly tempted, I declined the invitation. The woman then shook her torso and suggested I might like to go to a live show in town. Again I declined. She then introduced me to a man who was sitting on a high stool in the room, and together they pointed to a map which covered one wall and which showed the area where we were.

I had thought we were somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico and I was thinking that we had sailed down the Mississippi River and that I might now want to return up the river. The map confirmed some of my suspicions. Apparently we were in a town which sat on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and which had a river which ran through it, although not the Mississippi. I asked the woman the name of the river which flowed through the town and she said it was the "Red River." I immediately concluded that I needed to move my boat to the Red River and sail down it to the Gulf of Mexico.

I took my leave of the woman and headed toward the door. The building reflected decayed grandeur. I passed through a spacious room whose walls were draped with white lace which seemed to be a remnant of a bygone opulent age. I reached a door, while the passengers left by a different door. Once I was outside, I had to climb down huge ponderous stairs made of brown rock. It was almost like climbing down a craggy mountain. The going was difficult and took time. I began to worry that my passengers might reach my ship before me and leave without me, even though I was the captain. When I reached the bottom, however, I saw my passengers descending a separate set of stairs. They hadn't even reached the bottom yet. I could also see my ship sitting not far away. Now that I had a good idea of where I was, I would board the ship with my passengers and proceed.

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