Dream of: 19 July 2011 "Off The Road"

I was riding in a car which Carolina was driving headed back to Ohio from Texas. We seemed to be in Tennessee, and we had veered off the main road into some mountains. Carolina was driving fast; I told her I wanted to drive but she wouldn't stop.

A baby girl was sitting next to me. I picked up the baby and held her in my lap. She was hard to hold up until I put my right hand under her butt to hold her up. For a second it seemed as if I felt her vagina with my middle finger. I realized the baby wasn't wearing a diaper and I immediately pulled my hand away. I didn't like holding the baby.

I realized Carolina had a baby boy in her arms even while she was driving. She began driving faster and worse on the little road. I finally told her she was going to have to let me out. I thought we might be in Arkansas. We passed a little building which had a sign in front which said "little rock cabin." Then we passed a motel out in the country where I thought I might be able to stay. I thought I might even be able to find a job there.

Carolina kept driving until she finally said that this might be the place. Suddenly she ran off the road onto the right. I saw a muddy creek far below and we were flying straight toward it. I started imagining what it would be like when we hit the water. I imagined crashing into the creek and pulling Carolina and the baby from the car and unto the creek's bank and through the thorns and briars. I then thought about the other baby (which I thought Carolina had stolen from someone) and I figured it must still be in the car. I also imagined what it would have been like if Carolina had had a sister in the car and if I had also pulled her out.

As we started walking through the woods, I heard music and I thought there might be a race track nearby and I fretted that I might be accused of sneaking into the race track. Suddenly I saw a fellow in a little circle. He was playing a radio. When we stopped, other fellows showed up and soon a gang had gathered around. When one black fellow pulled a knife and started fighting with me, I began imaging how painful a stab wound would be.

Soon, however, the fellow and I resolved our differences. Carolina and Carolina's sister began mingling with the fellows. We told the fellows that we were from a poor area of Ohio and soon we were getting along with everyone.

A girl (about 25 years old) was sitting on my right. When I put my arm around her shoulder and began feeling her breast, she didn't stop me. I wondered if this gang had some kind of rule that if someone had sex, it had to be in front of everyone.

The girl left and a fellow on my right handed me a marijuana blunt. Everyone else left except the fellow who handed me the joint and one other fellow who was in front of me. When I started to take a hit from the blunt, the fellow who had handed it to me asked me what I was doing. I thought perhaps I was just supposed to pass the blunt. But then the fellow said it was ok if I took a hit. So I took a hit. Then I questionly motioned to either Carolina or her sister (who were both in a corner back to me left), as if to ask the fellow if I could pass the blunt to her. I was uncertain if I could.

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