Dream of: 18 July 2011 "Nagging Doubt"

As I was walking through the halls of a large building, I saw a man (probably in his early 40s) whom I recognized as a former teacher of mine. As I passed him, he said, "Hello, Steve."

Surprised that he remembered my name, I stopped and told him that he had a good memory. I seemed to recall that I had only been in his class a couple times when he had been a substitute teacher. I didn't see how he could have remembered my name. I felt a little embarrassed because I couldn't remember his. He spoke up and said that he had been my teacher for an entire year when I had been in the sixth grade and that he had also taught me some in another grade.

He was standing in front of an elevator, and when the elevator came, he boarded and left. As I walked on, I continued to try to remember his being my teacher in the sixth grade, but I drew a total blank. I began to worry that I was losing my memory. If I couldn't remember such basic memories as who my teachers had been, perhaps I was forgetting everything. The thought of losing my memory was quite alarming.

I continued walking down the hall until I reached the end. I was on the second floor of the building and I intended to descend to the first floor. Instead of taking the stairs, however, I had another idea. In front of me was a large open window through which I was able to step outside onto a wide ledge. As I stood on the ledge, I thought I could just jump off and fly to the ground below. I knew I had the ability to do so, even though I was wearing heavy shoes and clothing.

I leaped into the air and softly floated to the ground. I lightly landed in the grass and looked around. Many people were walking around and I knew some of them must have seen me float to the ground, but no one said anything.

I walked to the sidewalk and headed down the street. On my left was a tall building with a huge statue about ten times higher than me in front. As I looked up at the statue, I thought about flying up to the top of it. Suddenly, however, I had some doubt about my flying ability and I questioned whether I really knew how to fly. I was certain I could fly because I had vivid memories of having done so many times. Now, however, I wondered if I had been dreaming when I had flown. I was sure I had been awake when I had flown all those times. Yet a nagging doubt now arose in my mind that I might have been dreaming.

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