Dream of: 15 July 2011 "Driving Dog"

As I was walking up the steps of the huge white house where I lived, my sister ran up to me and jumped into my arms. Although she was probably in her early 20s, she seemed small and light (I estimated her weight at about 70 pounds). Having her in my arms felt good and almost immediately I had an erection. When I set her back down on her feet and we walked into the house together, I asked her if we were going to be able to have sex later in the day. We hadn't had sex in over two months, and she seemed to be putting me off. I had already loaned her around $150 and since she normally charged me $60 an hour for sex, she already owed me more than a couple hours. If she was worried about receiving more money, I would be willing to give her some more if we would just get the show underway.

She was non-committal. She indicated that she might be available later in the afternoon, but she wouldn't make a definite date. At least she hadn't completely rebuffed me, so I thought I had at least a chance.

After she walked away and disappeared into the interior of the house, I realized I might have another problem. Right before my sister had approached me, I had been talking with my dog, a pet Dalmatian. My dog had asked me if he could borrow my father's big gray car (sitting in front of the house) so he could drive down the street to the store for a few minutes. Without thinking, I had told my dog that he could borrow the car and he had left. Now I was realizing that I might have made a mistake. What would happen if my dog wrecked the car? Would I be blamed? The more I thought about it, the more worried I became. I didn't even see how a dog could hold the steering wheel in its paws. Fortunately, I thought no one knew that I had given the dog permission, so I could probably say that I didn't know anything about it.

I was relieved when I finally looked outside and saw that my dog had returned and my father's car was parked again in front of the house.

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