Dream of: 14 July 2011 "Kum By Ya"

I had been appointed by a woman who worked in a Fort Worth criminal court to represent five or six criminal defendants. All the defendants were missing and part of my job was to locate them. I quickly took care of all the cases but one. The remaining case was more difficult. The defendant was a fellow who had been missing for eight or nine years. I figured no one was interested in the fellow, but in the course of my investigation I spoke with the fellow's sister and discovered that she and her family had been relentlessly searching for the fellow all that time.

The black-haired sister (around 30 years old) was attractive and as I consulted with her over a period of time, I thought about striking up a relationship with her. I even thought of trying to kiss her, or at least asking her if I could kiss her, but I was uncertain such contact would be appropriate and so I made no advances toward her.

After effort, I finally traced the missing brother to a cave which I explored. At the rear of the cave I found a small hole and when I looked through the hole I could see some of the brother's possessions in a small chamber on the other side. On the right were five or six dark-gray samsonite suitcases and on the left were a couple more suitcases of a different style. Several boxes and other items were also sitting in the chamber. For a short while, I seemed to think that the sister had gone missing and that these items belonged to her, but I soon reverted to the realization that these items belonged to the brother.

After bringing the sister to the chamber, I reached in through the hole and pulled out a small sack and opened it in front of her. The sack contained a little box about three centimeters square. Writing on the box said that it contained powder for making bubble gum balls. I opened the box and inside under some tissue found a little cup with jelly beans, several of which were orange. I wondered if they were still edible.


I was going down some stairs in the Fort Worth court house. I thought I was going to be appointed to more cases and I wondered if I should handle only misdemeanors. I concluded I would also handle felonies, even though I knew that the felony cases would be much more emotional due to the long sentences the clients would be facing.

I had concluded all the previous cases and I realized I now needed to be paid for my work in those cases. I had finally determined that the fellow whose possessions I had found in the cave was deceased.

I walked into a court and sat down in a pew. It almost seemed as if I were in a church. The room was crowded and I could see the black-haired sister of my deceased client sitting down at the front of the room on my left. Her pew was perpendicular to the pew in which I was sitting so I had a good view of her face.

A burly judge stood up at the front of the room and began talking. I listened for a while, then yawned. The judge saw me yawning and walked toward me. He pulled out a light-colored handkerchief with some kind of cowboy designs on it and he handed it to me. He was clearly intimating that I should cover my mouth with the handkerchief when I yawned. I had the feeling that he was also saying that I should have my own handkerchief with me. I felt another yawn coming, and I put the handkerchief to my mouth. The judge returned to the front of the room.

The people in the room then began to lowly sing. I had the feeling that this was some kind of memorial service for the black-haired sister's deceased brother. I almost felt like crying. When I looked at the sister, I clearly saw a tear rolling down her cheek.

I also sang along as the people sang, "Kum by ya, my Lord."

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