Dream of: 12 July 2011 "Misty Spirits"

As I was looking at a tall craggy hill which stood before me, I was stunned to notice five or six old sailing ships on the side of the hill. The ships were particularly peculiar because they seemed to be partway wedged into the hill itself. I wondered if I had discovered something important which no one else had ever seen. Curious as to the nature of the ships, I made my way up to them.

Once I had boarded one of the ships, I discovered modern classrooms inside and I walked into one and discovered students sitting there. Apparently, however, I had committed some kind of infraction because a woman walked up to me, handed me a ticket and told me I had been fined $71. I immediately told the woman I would appeal the ticket. I thought of also telling her that I was a lawyer, but I didn't mention that fact.

I turned and walked into another classroom where another woman approached me. She was much friendlier and she told me not to worry about the ticket. I felt a little foolish, fretting that the woman might conclude that I was poor because I was making such a big deal out of the paltry ticket.

I left the second woman and walked into a third room where I met yet a third black-haired woman. We spoke and she asked me what I thought about "same-aged sex." I thought she was asking me what I would think about having sex with someone my same age. I told her I didn't know what it would be like. I felt a little haughty because I knew I had been having sex with Michelle for several years and Michelle had only been 20 years old when we had first started having sex.

I thought the woman was coming on to me. She was obviously an older mature woman, but she had a young look to her. I couldn't tell how old she was. She seemed so mature, but still looked young. I told her that even she was much younger than I.

I left her and walked into the next room where I met a fourth woman and I started talking to her. Although she looked young like the others, I was sure she was close to my age. She was a head taller than I and when I stood right next to her and looked up at her, I said something to her about her being so tall. I had the distinct feeling that she and the other three women were all interested in me. All four women seemed almost spirit-like. All had been dressed in light-colored clothing and all had a pleasant aura about them.

As I stood in front of her, she grabbed me and started walking me backwards, almost as if we were dancing. She somehow had control of my feet so I could only move them in a certain pattern and I couldn't break out of the pattern. I felt clumsy, but I didn't feel bad.

I was in a pleasant mood and being with the women made me feel important. I wasn't attracted to the women sexually (which was unusual for me), but the lack of physical attraction did not detract from my enjoyment of being with them. I still felt a strange attraction for them which was somewhat physical, but not sexual.

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