Dream of: 10 July 2011 "Power Of Dreams"

I walked into a small book store and went straight to a shelf of books. I immediately saw two copies of the hardback book for which I was searching and I pulled both copies off the shelf. The title of the book contained several words, two of which were "Power" and "Dreams." The books sported colorful dust jackets of an abstract drawing of grass, trees and mountains. I opened one book and found the pages full of comic book type pictures. Unfortunately several pages had been torn out. The second book looked intact, but looked as if it had been heavily read. I concluded that this was the type of book store where people could sit and read books while they were there.

I walked toward the counter, holding the first book open to the place where the pages had been torn out. A short woman with frizzy brown hair (probably in her mid 30s) walked up to the counter and I introduced myself as the person who had called her just a short time before to check if the store had the book for which I was searching. I then handed her the book with the torn out pages. She didn't seem at all surprised and she simply threw it into a box with some other books behind the counter. I wondered what would happen to the book. I thought perhaps it would be sold at a steep discount, but I decided I wouldn't be interested. I told her I was going to look at the other book for a little bit.

I turned and walked from the counter. I thought I would find a spot to sit and look over the book before deciding whether to buy it. It had been a long time since I had bought an actual book.

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