Dream of: 08 July 2011 (2) "Box Under The Sink"

I was visiting Mike Walls at the house he used to live in with his parents on Jackson Street in Portsmouth when he and I had been teenagers. He looked as if he were in his late 20s. He was wearing a blue jean jacket and sitting at the kitchen table.

Michelle was with me, but she was in a little box in the cabinet area under the kitchen sink.

I wanted to have sex with Michelle. I knew that Walls had some pills which were similar to Viagra, only stronger, and I wanted to obtain one of the pills from him, so I could have good sex with Michelle. Unfortunately, Walls only had a limited number of pills, and he didn't want to part with any. I tried to inveigle him out of a pill, but he remained silently adamant. I knew I had a couple pills of Viagra which I could fall back on, but I would prefer to save those.

I tried to think of what I might offer Walls in exchange for the pills. Finally I thought I might tell him that he could also have sex with Michelle, that we could have sex with her together. Or I might simply tell him that he could watch Michelle and me having sex. I wasn't sure, however, that Michelle would go along with the idea.

I bent over and looked under the sink to check on her. I couldn't see her, but I knew she was in a small box at the back of the cabinet, behind other boxes and bottles of cleaning detergents. I called to her and asked her if she would like me to take her out of the box. In a perky voice she responded that she was fine and that she would stay where she was.

I stood back up to continue negotiating with Walls. I bought a pack of cigarettes from him, then gave him one. When I tried to light a cigarette for myself, however, I lit the filter end by mistake. The filter broke off and I put the cigarette back in the pack to smoke later. I wanted a fresh one to smoke now.

I asked Walls if I had mentioned to him that I frequently saw his old girlfriend, Mary Atherton, who worked in some kind of supermarket. He didn't seem interested and he indicated that I had already told him as much.

I finally asked, "Whatever happened to John Luther?" I knew Luther used to be a friend of Walls when we had all been in high school. I told Walls that I had recently been thinking about Luther, but again, Walls didn't seem interested in the subject.

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