Dream of: 08 July 2011 "Kentucky Mountains"

I was in Portsmouth in a car with three other fellows. We rode into a hilly area where some new houses had been built and from where we could look out across the Ohio River to Kentucky on the other side. We started riding up a big piled-up mound of dirt. We rode all the way to the tip-top of the gigantic mound and parked the car. From there we had a better view of the dense forests in the Kentucky mountains. I was amazed that we were as high as the Kentucky mountains and I began to worry a bit about how we were going to descend.

The fellow who had been driving got out of the car and started sliding down the side of the mound. He lost control and started rolling and rolling downhill. I told the others that he was having problems. He finally fell all the way to the bottom and I could see his blue jean-clad body lying there. He wasn't moving. I told the others that we were going to have to go down there and help him. We were so high, however, and the descent was almost perpendicular, I wasn't sure we could safely descend.

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