Dream of: 07 July 2011 (2) "Kidnapped"

I was inside a big old house, looking at a door which led to a little room where I thought my old buddy Phil Lane (we hung out together in Portsmouth in the summer of 1970) lived. I thought I might see if Lane had some pot which I could buy. When I knocked on the door, someone opened the door. It was dark inside and instead of a room, stairs led down to a basement. The person headed down the stairs and I followed. When we reached the room at the bottom, a light was turned on which revealed three short-haired men (all probably in their late 30s) sitting in the room.

I sat down and talked with the men for a bit. I noticed that one of them was wearing a revolver on his belt. Someone finally said that I hadn't done anything and then one of the men said that I was going to have to go with them. I suddenly realized that the three men were undercover police. They had been waiting for me to ask about buying some marijuana so they could arrest. Since I hadn't asked to buy anything, they had decided to let me go.

I didn't understand, however, why they had told me that I had to go with them. Since I didn't see any way out of it, however, I stood up and walked out to the car with them. We boarded the car and headed down the road. We rode and rode. I thought they intended to take me to the police station so one of their superiors could question me. Since we were far out in the country, however, when we headed down a little road, I realized that something was radically wrong. I suddenly realized that they weren't policemen at all, but that they were kidnapping me.

When the car slowed down, I jumped out. I ran over to some people who were standing nearby and headed toward one fellow (around 25 years old) who was wearing a uniform. I thought he might be a real police, but he wasn't wearing a gun. I asked him to help me.

The men jumped out of the car and headed toward me. I didn't know what was going to happen next, but it looked as if they were going to be able to grab me again.

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