Dream of: 06 July 2011 "Extracting Information"

While I was lying in bed with Michelle, my father was lying on the other side of her. We were all lying on our backs, I on Michelle's left and my father on her right. Michelle had a white sheet over her entire body, including her head. Under the sheet, I moved my head down by her feet and could see her entire body which was completely naked. I could see her eyes, which she had opened, but she couldn't see me.

When I crawled out from under the sheet, Michelle leaned over on my father's stomach so her naked breasts were touching his stomach, and I could see that he was rather enjoying the feel of her breasts. As she lay there, I noticed my father's hand had moved down so that it was lying on Michelle's butt.

I wanted Michelle to extract some information from my father and I was thinking that she could have sex with him in order to obtain the information. Although my father had previously been reluctant to be around Michelle, I could see that he was warming up to her. I wasn't surprised since Michelle was so beautiful and voluptuous. It looked as if he would cave in and have sex with her if she would simply spend a little more time with him. I didn't know how the scenario would play out, but I was willing to let it happen.

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