Dream of: 02 July 2011 "Hospital Room"

I walked into a hospital room where Michelle was lying in a bed. She looked good. Other people were coming and going and since Michelle wasn't paying any attention to me, I decided to float up to the ceiling. I began floating and twisted myself around until I was floating horizontally. I floated all the way to the ceiling and touched it as if I were lying on it. Other people saw what I was doing, but, as usual, no one paid any attention to me.

As I looked down at Michelle, I noticed that she had stood up out of bed, had walked over to a corner of the room, and had dumped three or four little white pills out onto the floor. It looked as if she had started taking dope again.

I floated back down until I was right beside her. When I asked her what she had, she didn't try to hide anything. She also had a little bottle containing some green liquid which she said she needed to drink with the pills. I finally concluded she was only taking medicine and not dope.

Michelle was quite friendly. As I sat beside her on the floor, she moved her face next to mine and started kissing me. Some other girls (in their early 20s, like Michelle) had walked into the room and sat down. I liked kissing Michelle and I didn't care if anyone saw us.

Michelle stopped kissing me and she told me she wanted to leave. Apparently she wanted to escape for a day. I didn't know if that was a good idea and I hesitated to help her. Michelle said something about going somewhere to get something to eat. Just then, a nurse brought in a large tray of food. It looked as if some kind of ground beef was on the tray. It looked good, but I was unsure whether I wanted any. I was still debating whether we should try to leave. 

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