Dream of: 01 July 2011 (3) "Fleda"

I pulled up on my red Honda Dream motorcycle in front of the Laroy Theater in Portsmouth. I got off the motorcycle, stood in front of the theater, and thought about walking inside, but when I looked at the posters displaying the movies which were playing, I didn't see anything tempting.

An attractive black-haired girl (around 20 years old) was sitting in a booth in front of the theater. I talked with her a while until she finally stepped out of the booth. When I asked her what people did in the long flat building which was across the street, she said something about "Marlboro." I thought I could see two words on the building, one of which was "Marlboro." When she said something about cigarettes, I was puzzled about whether the building had something to do with cigarettes.

As the girl stood in front of me, I moved closer until I thought I would try to kiss her neck. She offered no resistance and allowed me to do so. When I asked her what her name was, she responded, "Fleda."

I tried to figure out where the strange-sounding name came one. I thought it sounded a bit like a German word which meant "felt"; or perhaps it meant "field" in German. I told her that the name was going to be a hard one to figure out.

A convertible containing six or seven extremely attractive women pulled up in front of the theater. Three or four of the women stepped out of the car and walked toward the ticket booth. A couple women were wearing bikinis with the tops off. They sported the most luscious breasts. The two or three women left in the car were also topless. When I thought I caught one of the women looking at me, I thought to myself that I would like to get to know one of them. I thought if I were to look for a woman, I would like to find someone (unlike Michelle) who actually loved me. I knew Michelle didn't really love me and I wondered how I would feel if I were with someone who really loved me. The women got back in they car and rode off.

I tried to think about what I was going to do. I didn't know anyone in Portsmouth. My old friend from high school, Steve Buckner, crossed my mind and I recalled that Buckner was living in Portsmouth. Even though I had been in town for a while, I had never contacted him. I thought I might look him up and we could smoke some marijuana together.

I pulled out my cell phone and looked for Buckner's number. When the phone suddenly flashed like a camera, I realized I had the phone on camera mode, and I worried that I had distracted other people who were going into the theater. I managed to put the phone back in phone mode and I concentrated on trying to reach Buckner to see if would could get together.

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