Dream of: 01 July 2011 (2) "How Grand It Is"

I was thinking about the several books of dreams which I had written. As I looked at the list of about a dozen books, I realized the titles of the books were rather complicated and I thought perhaps I should simplify the titles. I specifically thought about the books about my father and my mother. I thought I might change the titles of those respectively to The Men and The Women, or perhaps simply to Men and Women.

As I continued to think about the actual writing of the books, I walked outside, and I thought of some lines to include in the books. The line, "How grand it is to hear the birds singing" came to mind. I came up with several more lines beginning with "How grand it is ...."  "To hear the birds singing," however, seemed to best go along with the singing tone in the books. I liked that idea. I continued repeating the words "How grand it is" combined with other words several times to myself.

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