Dream of: 01 July 2011 "Leaving School"

I was the only person in a classroom on the fourth floor of Portsmouth High School. When I looked over at the door, I saw a man standing there, and I realized he was Richard Nixon. At least he sure looked like Nixon. I said, "How are you?"

He said something, then simply walked away. I started thinking that Nixon looked a little older than the way I remembered him. His face was puffy and his nose bulbous.

Since it was time to leave, I walked out into the hall. Abruptly the lights went out. It was pitch black. Even though I couldn't see anything, I knew the area so well that I headed toward the stairs, which I knew were to my left. I reached the stairs and ran down them all the way to the first floor. I thought about running to the basement and leaving through the basement door, but instead I turned and headed out the front door of the school.

I ran across the yard in front of the school until I came to a set of stairs. In front of some girls who I knew were watching me, I leapt straight into the air and floated down the stairs. I knew I had the ability to float like that. I thought of floating horizontally, but I remained in a standing position as I floated down the stairs.

Happy and exuberant, I landed at the bottom of the stairs, turned to my right, and ran down the street.

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