Dream of: 29 June 2011 "Insurance Settlement"

While I was standing in front of the house where I was living, I noticed a black-haired woman (probably in her 30s) using a large camera to take a picture of the right front fender of my white 1999 Ford Escort. Although my car had been wrecked, it had been repaired, but a small bump on the fender was still noticeable. I realized the woman had probably been sent by the insurance company to examine the car. After studying the car further, the woman boarded her own car and drove off.

I thought perhaps I should have approached the woman. I knew I had been offered $150 to settle the matter, but I hadn't settled because I wanted more money. I thought I would probably settle the matter for $600. Actually I would settle it for $500, but I thought I would ask for $600. I might even take less than $500.

When I walked inside my small cottage, I discovered three pieces of machinery which the woman had left behind to use for working on the car. Exasperated, I thought if the insurance would simply pay me instead of spending so much time on the matter, we could probably settle.

One piece of machinery was as tall as I. Since I already had a similar piece of machinery, I wondered what the woman had been thinking when she had been inside my house and left all the machinery. It certainly seemed as if the insurance company was spending a lot of money to resolve this matter.

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