Dream of: 28 June 2011 "Story-Telling Game"

Three other fellows (probably in their mid 20s) and I were sitting at a table and playing a game. We couldn't actually see each other, but we were aware of each other's presence. Each person in turn would talk as if he were telling a story and then each subsequent person would add on to the story as the story continued around the table.

My contribution to the story was essentially about sitting on the banks of a river and watching the river flow. The next fellow then picked up the story until the round ended. Then we started another new round. This time I started the new story. I began by acting as if I were making a phone call to my father. I told my father that I was in a jail in a little town in northwestern Iran called Tabriz. I said that I could only talk for about thirty seconds. I was going to mention that I needed $50,000 for a bond, but I decided not to mention that. I told him that I needed help and then I hung up the phone.

The story then passed to the fellow on my left to continue with the tale. I couldn't tell if the other fellows were happy with the way I had started the story and I thought someone else might come up with a completely different story. I thought when my turn came again, I might act as if I were phoning the person who was still in jail in Iran.

I liked the game. Playing it seemed like a new discovery for me. Since we were playing someplace near to where I lived, I thought I might start coming over every night and playing this story-telling game.

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