Dream of: 27 June 2011 "Mundane Job"

I had been working for a while as a clerk in an office where five or six other people were also working. A man who somewhat resembled Wheat (an attorney friend from Dallas) was the boss. As part of my duties, I had been paying two or three minor credit card bills. Now, however, I learned that I was going to be given the task of paying all the bills, a job which another female clerk in the office had been performing. I didn't like the job of paying bills, a mundane clerical job. I reflected that I could be practicing law somewhere and holding a much better job than this. Still, I didn't think the job was that bad.

I now became uncertain that anyone even knew that I had been paying the minor credit card bills, and I was shocked to learn about all the other major bills which I would now be paying.  Fortunately, as a saving grace, I had discovered a fund which contained about $100,000, and I had been paying the credit card bills out of that fund (which no one else knew about) instead of out of the general account. I thought the boss would at least be happy to learn about the fund which I had uncovered, even if I had made some kind of mistake in paying the minor bills.

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