Dream of: 23 June 2011 "Record Sale"

I was in a very big used-record store. I had traveled about a hundred miles to the store, which was supposed to be having a sale. When I asked a polite and helpful man in the store (probably in his late 20s) how much the records were, he said they were three dollars apiece. I started looking through the records - all of which seemed to be quality records - and I started picking out some. I mostly concentrated on the album covers, looking for ones with colorful illustrations.

After I pulled out several albums, however, I realized I wasn't going to pay three dollars apiece for the albums - that was simply way too much money. I was thinking more in terms of paying a quarter apiece for the albums. I thought about simply walking out of the store without even saying anything else to the man with whom I had spoken. Before leaving, however, I did speak to the man and told him that three dollars was too much and that I was only willing to pay about a quarter apiece.

The man seemed to understand what I was saying and he spoke to someone else who seemed to be in charge. They told me they couldn't sell the albums for a quarter. Nevertheless, they asked me how many I would buy at a quarter apiece and I told them I would buy a hundred dollars worth. The albums were indeed attractive.

When the first fellow said something about two or three hundred dollars, I thought I would say that I would go up to one hundred and fifty dollars. We talked some more but couldn't reach an agreement.

Looking around, I noticed one stack of albums which appeared to have just been brought in by someone. It looked as if the store hadn't even bought those albums yet. I glanced through them to see what was there. I continued looking at the albums until I noticed some magazines with enticing artistic covers and I wondered if they were cheap. One magazine displayed a drawing of Bob Hope on the cover. I asked the fellow how much the magazines were and he said he would talk to "the quiet one" and check on the price. He said he wasn't helping anyone else but me at the moment. I realized that the quiet one was probably the person who was actually in charge of the store. As the fellow left me, I continued eagerly perusing the artfully colorful covers of the magazines.

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