Dream of: 22 June 2011 "Leading Penguins"

In Portsmouth, Ohio, I was leading a group of 200-300 penguins to the Ohio River. I could see a massive storm approaching from the west. A dark cloud hung high in the sky. I was in a rush to reach the river before the storm hit. The penguins marched along in a line as we passed through the Twelfth Street area. After we crossed the street, I looked back and saw that one penguin had become separated from the pack and was about a block behind us. I hollered to the penguin so it would come to us. It heard me and came running toward me. When it came closer, however, I realized that it was actually a black and white cat. Nevertheless, it ran up to the other penguins and joined them. We hurried on toward the river, where I thought the penguins would be safe. 

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