Dream of: 21 June 2011 "Clumsy"

Buckner (one of my best friends in high school) and I were in a bar. We were both probably in our late 20s. At first Buckner was sitting on my right, then he moved around to my left, farther down the bar from me. He started talking with our long-haired blonde waitress (probably in her early 20s). I liked her looks, but she hadn't paid much attention to me. I was a bit jealous because I had the feeling the waitress was asking Buckner to meet her when she got off work. When Buckner again moved closer to me, I asked him what the waitress had said, and he told me she had asked him if she could go into business with him. I was a little relieved because I thought she might only be interested in Buckner for business purposes.

Buckner said the waitress had told him that her father owned a place in Beverly Hills and that she and Buckner could do some kind of work there.

I had only drunk one beer out of a little glass a little larger than a shot-glass. Even though I hadn't really drunk anything, I felt drunk. As I was starting on my second beer, I clumsily sat it down wrong and it spilled all over the bar. Embarrassed, I tried to clean up the spill with a black cloth which I had with me. The waitress walked up and helped me clean up the mess. Now she was very friendly to me. She asked, "Do you want another one?"

I answered, "Well, let me think about it here."

She then stood behind me and slipped her arm around my neck and her hair was hanging down on my head. I felt her bend her face down and start flicking her tongue on the back of my neck.

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