Dream of: 16 June 2011 "Avoiding Crookedness"

I was in a restaurant in east Portsmouth, Ohio in the section of town known as Sciotoville. I had walked to the rear of the restaurant where the cooking was being done. It almost seemed like a kitchen in someone's home as I stood behind a woman and watched her cook. She was wearing a dress with straps, but her whole naked back was exposed. A large tattoo covered almost her entire back. Intrigued by the dark tattoo, I kept looking at it, trying to figure out what it was. I finally concluded the tattoo had something to do with Britain and some kind of mascot of a company.

After I made a comment about the tattoo, the woman turned around and looked at me. She was blonde and probably in her 40s. (The age "47" somehow went through my mind.) She had the alluring body, however, of a woman in her mid 20s and she only looked about 30 years old. She and I sat down as I continued talking to her. I was trying to figure out exactly who she was. I had heard someone mention the name "Matt." I wasn't quite sure, but I thought the woman had a boyfriend or a husband named "Matt." This was the third time in three days that I had heard the name "Matt." We talked about it and finally I told her that I was disappointed to learn that she was involved with someone.

Suddenly she leaned over and began kissing me. It was the most luscious and pleasurable kiss. I couldn't believe how good the kiss felt. We continued kissing for a few minutes.

At the same time, I thought how I wasn't used to being involved with a married woman. I was unsure I even wanted to get involved with a married woman.

Since I was in Sciotoville on business, I finally had to stand up and leave. I walked outside and headed toward another building. Just then I saw a black-haired woman leaving the second building. I suddenly realized that the woman leaving the building was the woman who had told me about the blonde woman. In fact, the black-haired woman almost seemed like the blonde-haired woman.

The black-haired woman was upset because I apparently had been away for almost an hour. I had told her that I was simply going to go get something and that I would be right back. She had been waiting all this time. I could tell that she suspected that I had been with the blonde, but I couldn't admit it. I was disappointed when she walked away from me because I liked her, too.

I walked back into the restaurant and sat down. I knew I was supposed to be taking care of some business for my father, for whom I was working. Another man walked in and sat down with a second man at a booth right in front of me. I could hear them talking about taxes. The first fellow was trying to avoid paying some taxes. I overheard them say something about $10,000, if it could be shown that the money was spent on something in particular. I had the feeling that it was all fraudulent and I figured my father did the same kind of thing to avoid paying taxes.

Several men in suits walked into the restaurant. I wondered if they were government agents who had come to check on what was going on. Maybe they were crooks themselves - it was hard to tell.

I finally stood up and walked around. It seemed that the restaurant was part of a large department store (it somewhat reminded me of Target), and it seemed as if my father was somehow connected to the store, although I wasn't sure how. I thought he might be the owner of the store.

A young fellow (only about 20 years old) who worked in the store stepped up to me. He showed me a receipt for about $10. He wanted me to sign something which would indicate that the merchandise on the receipt had been bought. He was then going to use the receipt to cheat on his taxes. I refused to sign.

The whole system seemed contorted. Another woman walked up to me. She wanted to buy some kind of cleaning product, and then bring the product back after I left. The same kind of crookedness was involved in her transaction.

I thought there were some honest people in the world who weren't involved in this kind of crookedness. That's how I wanted to be. I didn't want to be involved in anything crooked. I knew it paid to be honest in the long run.

I walked back outside. I had driven a large truck to the store and I had parked it outside. I intended to load the truck with some branches which had been cut off a tree and had been lying there in piles. I now saw, however, that the branches had already been loaded onto my truck. I thought I would also need to obtain a chainsaw and cut down the rest of the tree. The grass also needed cut, but I didn't think I would have to do that since I thought someone there regularly cut the grass.

When I had first parked my truck there, I had thought I was going to have difficulty pulling out because of an obstruction. I now saw, however, that the obstruction had been removed and I would be able to easily leave.

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