Dream of: 14 June 2011 "Turning Into Gorillas"

I was in Portsmouth with two other fellows who had some LSD which was supposed to be extremely potent. We planned to take a bunch of it. I was a little hesitant because we were simply walking the streets with no place to go and I didn't know what would happen if we took the LSD.

As I thought about taking the LSD, I realized that we had already taken it, and I suddenly realized that all three of us had turned into something which looked like gorillas. Our minds were still the same, but our bodies were covered with hair.

We thought about going to Greenlawn Cemetery in Portsmouth. I was uncertain whether I wanted to go there because I knew that the police patrolled the cemetery. I thought we might be better to simply roam the streets. We all took off running down the street until we reached an area east of Center Street where there was a park-like area with big trees. I thought we could get away from everything in there and enjoy the trip, which was already becoming very intense.

I thought if the police came, we could run away and stay ahead of them, because we were very fast. And since we now looked like gorillas, the police wouldn't realize who we were when the LSD trip was over and we once again looked like our normal selves.

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