Dream of: 13 June 2011 "Little Nuclear Bombs"

I was somewhere around Third or Fourth Street in Portsmouth. There was a flurry of activity because four nuclear bombs had been discovered. After I arrived on the scene, some Portsmouth officials gave all four bombs to me and told me to take them to the Ohio River. The bombs were tiny and looked like little black rectangular boxes about five centimeters long and about two centimeters wide. As everyone else cleared out, I headed toward the River.

The bombs were timed and would soon explode. The idea was for me to cross over the levy and throw them into the river. I would probably be killed, but part of Portsmouth would be saved.

Just as I reached the top of the levy, an old acquaintance from Portsmouth, Donnie Eubanks, came running toward me. I hollered, "Eubanks, I have nukes!"

He ran past me, but then he stopped and walked back to me. I showed him the bombs as I headed down the river-side of the levy. As he walked along with me, I thought perhaps he was going to help me. I wondered what would happen when the nukes exploded in the river. I thought that they might flow down under the US Grant bridge between Portsmouth and Kentucky and that they would probably blow up the bridge. Some people would probably be killed, but at least Portsmouth would probably be saved.

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