Dream of: 11 June 2011 (2) "Deal Gone Bad"

After I had been talking to someone about buying about a pound of marijuana (which I thought I might be able to buy cheap in Texas and bring back to Ohio), a slender muscular fellow (only about 25 years old) whom I didn't know, picked me up in a dark green truck. (He somewhat resembled the actor Gary Busey). I sat in the passenger seat as we rode through Portsmouth on the way to another fellow whom I did know. I liked the almost-new truck and I asked the driver what year the truck was. He acted as if the truck were nothing special, but he told me the year and model of the truck. I had the feeling that he had several trucks.

He was driving quite fast and sometimes he even drove on the wrong side of the street. I thought about commenting on his driving on the left side of the road, but I didn't say anything. Finally he pulled up at a white two-story house sitting on a corner lot. I had been to the house before and I knew that the fellow who lived there dealt drugs, but I didn't think this was the house to which I was supposed to come. When I asked the driver why he was stopping there and whether this was the right house, he replied that this was not the house where he was taking me and that he was only going to go inside himself for a moment. When I asked him whether I should wait or go in with him, he hesitated, then said, "Come on in."

Right then I thought that something might be wrong and that he might try to rob me. Since I had several hundred dollars in my billfold, I thought when I walked inside, I should probably go to the bathroom and take the money out of my billfold and put it in my sock.

The truck was parked right by the door of the house. The driver and I stepped out of the truck and he entered the house first. Before I could walk in, he turned around in the doorway, looked at me and asked me where my girlfriend Michelle was. When I replied, "She's in the hospital," he grabbed me by placing both his hands on my shoulders, and he said "Now I have ..."

I started pressing my right knee against his groin and he grimaced, but I wasn't sure if he was going to let go of me.

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