Dream of: 11 June 2011 "The Platters"

I had returned to Portsmouth High School (which I attended from 1967 to 1970) to investigate something. As I walked down a hallway in the inner part of the school, a gang of older women was marching behind me and singing an old song which I recognized. As they passed by me, I overheard them talking about when the song had been composed. I chimed in that the song had originated in the early 1950s and finally I said the song had been made by "The Platters." 

The women seemed impressed by my knowledge. One woman (who was working on something and had her head bent down) mentioned that she had been born in 1952. I told her I had also been born in 1952 and I asked her what month she had been born.

As she continued to talk I stepped closer to her, scrutinized her, and asked her if she had attended Portsmouth High School. When she answered, "No," I asked her where she had gone to high school and she seemed to mumble the name of a school, but I couldn't be sure what she had said. I asked her where she lived and she said something about "downtown" and "out of lockboxes." It sounded as if she were saying that she was homeless.

She finally raised up her face and pulled the hair out of the way so I could see her. Only about 30 years old, she was definitely overweight. I asked her what her name was and she said, "Vickie." Suddenly I realized she was one of my old girlfriends and I exclaimed, "Vickie!"

It seemed that she had already recognized me. She threw her arms around me. She was so happy to see me and I was likewise happy to see her. I noticed how big she was when I hugged her, but I felt as if I were in love with her. When she said to me, "I love you," I responded, "I love you, too."

She continued, "But..."

I interjected, "I know."

I knew that something kept us apart so we couldn't be together.

Still, I was overwhelmed. I hadn't seen her for so many years and I was so happy to see her again. I thought it was a little strange when she reached down with one hand between my legs and caressed my penis for just a second, but I didn't mind.

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