Dream of: 10 June 2011 "Denizens Of Paris"

While on a trip to Paris, France, I had met an enticing Parisian woman (about 30 years old) who made pleasurable company. As she showed me around the town, we went to a mall-like area and walked into a room where some kind of class was being given. I sat down while the woman circulated among some of the people whom she seemed to know. I lost sight of her for a moment, then changed my seat in the hope of spotting her. Finally I realized the woman was no longer in the room and I wondered what had happened to her. I became worried that she might have thought I had left because I had changed seats. Still, I found it difficult to believe that she would have departed so abruptly. I waited for a while, still trying to spot her. Finally I stood and walked out of the room.

I found myself on a city street with many concrete buildings. I couldn't find the woman anywhere, and finally I realized I was lost. I knew I had a room in a hotel, but I didn't know how to return to my room.

I sat down. A black man (around 30 years old) was sitting near me. When I overheard him talking, I realized he was speaking in English, and he started talking to me in a friendly manner. We finally stood and started walking together and I thought we were going to become friends. At first I thought he was an American, but then he told me that he was a Nigerian. I wasn't surprised because I had previously heard that many Nigerians lived in Paris.

Suddenly he handed me a little plastic card which contained a picture, as well as his name and address. Then he simply walked away. I was sorely disappointed because I desperately needed someone to help me. But he was already gone.

I continued walking, unsure what I should do. I didn't want to find another hotel because it would probably cost me a couple hundred dollars. I thought I could buy a map, even though I knew that maps were expensive for tourists. I wished I had brought a map with me.

I passed a place which looked like a colorful playground for children, but no children were in it. I finally turned onto a deserted side street, then saw a large brown blanket lying on a bench and I walked toward it. Unexpectedly I heard a noise under the blanket and I thought someone must be lying asleep under it. The blanket was perhaps five times the size of a normal blanket and resembled more a big piece of carpet than a blanket. When I heard a growling noise, I realized that dogs were under the blanket, and I took off.

I was becoming somewhat depressed. I wasn't sure what I was going to do and the situation was started to look a little dangerous.

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