Dream of: 08 June 2011 "Unread Adventure Story"

I owned a little shop from which I was selling all kinds of odds and ends which I had picked up here and there. My old buddy from high school, Mike Walls (only about 30 years old), showed up and he told me that he knew how to repair old clocks. I thought his being able to fix clocks was interesting and I recalled that I had recently thrown away a bunch of old clocks. Walls was holding a pretty little blue wall clock which he had fixed. I looked closely at the clock and was impressed by how well it was working.

He and I looked at another clock which I had in the shop. I thought Mike might be able to fix it. The clock itself was not being held in place correctly in its chamber. I thought we needed some kind of gooey sticky substance to hold the clock in place. 

I wanted to look around the shop for other old clocks which Mike and I might be able to work on together. As I glanced around, I found an old electric clothes-iron sitting on the floor and I picked it up. I was uncertain whether it worked. The iron appeared to be rusted on the bottom, but I thought the rust could be removed.

Then I found an old red hardback book which I had intended to throw away. Since I was beginning to enjoy the prospect of fixing things, I thought perhaps I could also fix the book. When I pulled off some sticky tape which was holding the cover together, the cover completely came off the book, and I began using some kind of solvent to wipe the sticky goo off the cover. When I was finished, the cover appeared to be in good shape. Now I simply needed to figure out how to reattach the cover to the book.

The title of the book consisted of two French-sounding words, each beginning with "Z." I thought the book was an adventure story, perhaps about pirates. I thought I might later actually read the book. I liked being able to read an old book like that, especially one that I had never heard of.

Other people began coming into the shop. I noticed that my mother was also standing over in one section of the shop. I started talking to some of the people who were looking around for something to buy and I tried to help them find what they were looking for.

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