Dream of: 07 June 2011 "Property Taxes"

I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse where quite a few people, including my sister were milling about. My sister had earlier been talking to me about a tax paper, but I hadn't paid much attention to her. Now, however, she had stacks of papers which she had paid to have copied. The papers all dealt with taxes on the Farm. It looked as if she wanted me to pay for half the copying expense.

When I began scrutinizing the papers, I saw that there was a paper for every acre of the Farm and in some cases the area was less than an acre. Since the Farm contained almost 400 acres, and since my sister was paying about fifty cents apiece for the copies, the cost was going to be over $200. My sister had even bought a copy machine and she was making more copies even as she was standing amidst stacks of copies. She seemed obsessed.

I told her that what she was doing was not necessary. I realized I should have told her earlier. I told her she only needed one paper, which was the tax bill for the entire Farm. She only needed to keep a copy of the final bill and a copy of the check which paid the bill. I told her she could go to the tax office at any time and receive a statement saying that the taxes had been paid.

I could tell that she was beginning to see the error of her ways. I was sorry that she had wasted so much money for copies, but I didn't intend to reimburse her. I told her that my father was going to pay the taxes this year anyway. I didn't understand why she was even involved with it. I figured she would give up on trying to get any money from me.

I looked out the front window toward Symmes Creek at the bottom of the hill. About five people were working on scrapping something off the top of the bridge. I didn't think the state of Ohio was paying for the work and I figured that my father must be paying for it. It seemed strange that he would be paying people to work on the road.

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