Dream of: 06 June 2011 "The Naked Judge"

Wearing a light-gray suit, I was in a courtroom in Fort Worth, Texas. I had received three files in gray folders from the court. I had been appointed to be the attorney to represent clients in the three cases. Two of the cases appeared to be for driving while intoxicated (DWI) while the third case appeared to be concerned with goods which had been purchased from a store. I wasn't sure if the goods hadn't been received or if the goods were defective or what.

I had received the files over a year ago and only now had I finally made it to court. As I sat in a pew in the courtroom, a girl (probably only about 12 years old) walked into the courtroom. She walked up to the front and sat down on a couch where the judge's bench would normally be found. She was completely naked. As she sat there with her legs crossed, I concluded that she was going to be the judge.

As I continued looking through my files, I saw my old attorney friend from Dallas, Wheat, in the courtroom. He was bald and he didn't look like himself.

As I continued looking through my files, I would occasionally glance at the girl. I couldn't see her pubic region because her legs were crossed. I recalled that I had sometimes dreamed that I had been naked in a place like this. Such experiences had always been very disconcerting for me. So I wondered how the girl felt about being there naked. She seemed to be perfectly at ease, as if she were completely comfortable with the situation. I was uncertain what conclusion to draw from that.

I wasn't concentrating on the DWI cases, but was more concerned with the other case. I already had scattered papers from the file around me. It occurred to me that my client wasn't present in the courtroom and I realized that I hadn't even contacted the client about the case. I wondered if the judge would ask me about my not having contacted the client. I was somewhat relieved that the judge was just a little girl because she probably wouldn't even know what to do herself. Nevertheless I thought I should have contacted my client about this hearing. As an excuse, I thought I would simply say that I had thought that the court would sent him a notice. Since the courtroom was so crowded, I began thinking that my clients might actually be in the courtroom. Perhaps my clients would step up when their cases were called.

I didn't think my cases were going to trial today. In fact, I thought I would simply ask for a trial when my cases were called. I thought I would say that I needed to do discovery, and that I hadn't contacted the clients because we weren't ready yet for trial.

Some little gray boxes (about 15x10x8 centimeters in size) were hanging on a wall immediately to my right. I opened up one of the boxes and found something which looked like hard-mudded gray mud-daubers nests inside. A little note inside the box said that the objects were little birds' nests. I looked in several more boxes until I found one which contained  a slimy orangish substance. A note in that box said that finding the orangish substance was unusual. A price tag on the box said $12.95. I thought I could actually take the box and stick it in my briefcase if I wanted. But I decided against doing that.

Close by was a desk with a woman sitting at it. Lying in front of the desk was a pair of sunglasses. It looked as if someone had lost the sunglasses there. I also thought about picking up the sunglasses and taking them, but I again declined from doing so. Finally, however, I did pick up the sunglasses and look at them. Discovering that they were broken, I laid them back down.

A man dressed in a khaki police uniform finally walked up and sat down in front of the room. When a woman also showed up and sat down in front, the naked girl seemed to have disappeared. I realized that the girl would no longer be present, although I still had the felling that she would somehow be involved in the proceeding.

The man dressed as a policeman began talking and it sounded as if he were beginning to call cases. I began preparing to step up to the front and make my announcement when my case was called. Hopefully I wouldn't be chastised because my clients weren't present. I thought I would thank the court for having appointed me to the cases, especially since I didn't even know how the court had obtained my name.

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