Dream of: 03 June 2011 "Not Ready"

While in a mall-like area, I had met couple fellows and a thin girl (probably in their mid 20s). We started talking and decided to go to a movie together. As we prepared to walk into the movie theater, I started speaking in German with someone. A strong-looking blond fellow (also probably in his mid 20s) standing nearby overheard me talking and he walked over to me. He asked me if I would like to go to Germany to teach. He said he would pay my way.

I could tell that the thin girl (the one whom I had just met) liked me and I hated to just immediately leave with the other fellow. But I decided I was going to immediately go to Germany. As the blond fellow talked with a couple other fellows, I talked with the girl for a bit until I finally saw the blond fellow and the other fellows walking away, headed down a road. Thinking that they were leaving, I ran after them and finally caught up with them farther down the road, somewhere out in the country.

As we all were standing on a high cliff, for some reason the blond fellow told me that I wasn't ready. I was sorely disappointed that he would so abruptly change his mind like that. Suddenly he jumped off the cliff and started flying away. I hollered out, "Take me with you!"

As I stood watching, he continued flying away. I debated whether I should return to the girl and the other two fellows, or whether I should just continue on alone. I wasn't sure what I should do.

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