Dream of: 02 June 2011 "Broken Flower"

I was leaving the Gallia County Farmhouse. I had a tall lamp which I wanted to take with me, so I carried it out to the car. When I saw a metal flower on the top of the lamp, I remembered that I had earlier found a similar metal flower and had stuck it in my pocket. Now I saw that the flower I had found had been broken off the bottom of the lamp and I thought I might be able to weld the flower back onto the lamp. It would be interesting to see if I could succeed.

As I headed to the car, I saw my father (only about 40 years old) outside cutting grass. He seemed friendly enough. When I also saw another little tiny lawnmower which was running, I also began cutting a little bit of the grass, some of which was quite high. I recalled how I used to cut grass on the Farm when I had been a young boy. My, how long ago that had been.

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