Dream of: 27 May 2011 (2) "Sexual Fantasy"

I was in a cottage where my mother was living near the Logan Street House (a cottage in Portsmouth, Ohio where my mother lived from 1971 to 1977). My mother also owned another house where she sometimes stayed. It seemed that her brother Liston and his family lived next door to that other house. (Liston died in 1996 at the age of 67.)

I was sitting in one bedroom, while my mother (who was only about 30 years old) was in another bedroom. I thought she was probably in bed and I thought about going into her bedroom, lying down in bed with her, and perhaps even having sex with her.

As I sat there thinking, I looked down on the floor and I noticed a Barbie doll lying there. I picked it up and looked at it. It didn't have any clothes. I bent the doll back so that its head was almost touching its feet. I then stuck the doll under the covers of the bed.

When I turned back around, a very attractive girl (around 20 years old) was standing in the room. I had seen the girl before, but I didn't know what she was doing there. I was embarrassed because I thought she had seen me with the Barbie doll and I was afraid she would get the wrong idea that I had been having some kind of sexual fantasy with the doll, which wasn't true at all. I grew more embarrassed as she stared at me as if she knew what I had been doing.

When I looked around the room and saw some Barbie clothes lying on the floor, I realized that this was my sister's room and that the stuff lying on the floor belonged to my sister.

I stood and I walked out of the room and into another room where I found my mother, who was up out of the bed and fully dressed. She was packing some things which she apparently intended to take to the other house. Some boxes were already packed. I thought we probably needed to dispose of some of the stuff, but I didn't know what to do with it. I wasn't even entirely certain in which house my mother was actually living.

I felt disorganized. I wanted to spend some time alone in the other house so I could do some writing. When I asked my mother if I could at least have one room in the other house in which I could write, she seemed to think I could.

She started talking about how she now had a new life. It sounded as if she would be associating more with her brother Liston and his family.

I figured I would simply have to make the best of the situation.

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