Dream of: 26 May 2011 (2) "Under A Lion"

I was lying in a park-like area where many people were milling about. I must have dozed off, and when I awoke, I needed a moment to realize that a lion was on top of me. Other animals were also in the park, which seemed something like a petting-park. However, I was unprepared to discover the lion atop of me.

The lion seemed to be young. It was obviously a male with a black mane. It wasn't actually lying on top of me, but it had both its front legs lying on top of my chest. I couldn't even move. I was very concerned and I could only think something like "I need to get out from under this lion."

I reflected that if the lion were to turn on me, it could rip out my throat in just a second. I was very concerned.

A young boy walked up right in front of us. He had a tiny little elephant, about 60 centimeters tall. I wanted to see what the little elephant felt like and I reached out my hand to touch it. At the same time, the lion pushed its nose against the trunk of the elephant. After I touched the elephant's rubbery skin, the boy and the elephant continued on.

Meanwhile, some men who apparently worked in the park had gathered around the lion and me. I could tell that they were also concerned, but they didn't seem to think we had a big problem. They seemed to think I would be able to escape unscathed. Nevertheless, they were keeping an eye on me and were they trying to coax the lion to move off from me. The lion, however, persisted in staying on top of me.

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