My relationship with my father was fueled by a lack of respect for each other.

Dream of: 26 May 2011 "Selfish Reasoning"

I was sitting at a table and having a meal with my mother and my father (both about 50 years old), as well as my sister (about 30 years old). As we were all talking, my father finally said something about some money which he was going to get. It sounded as if he were going to sell something and apparently he had a bunch of whatever he was going to sell. At first I thought he said he was going to sell homes, but then I realized he was talking about selling some cows.

I didn't understand how he had any cows, but finally I realized he was talking about cows on the Gallia County Farm. The cows actually belonged to my paternal grandmother Mabel and my paternal step-grandfather Clarence. After we all stood up and started walking around the house, I asked him about the ownership of the cows. He seemed rather bitter and mean. He explained that he had owned the original cow which had started siring cows on the Farm years ago. All the cows which were now on the Farm were descendants of his original cow, so he claimed that he now owned all the cows.

I knew that Clarence definitely wouldn't agree to that because Clarence clearly thought the cows all belonged to him. Clearly this matter would probably end up in a big court battle.

Wondering what my sister thought about the matter, I started talking to her over to the side in another room. She seemed pensive on the surface, but then she said she agreed with my father. I immediately knew what was afoot: she thought she would get something out of this if she agreed with my father. Since I was on the side of Clarence, I was angry that she would take that position. I knew that my father's taking the cows from Clarence was wrong. I told her that she was only on my father's side because she expected some favorable result for herself.

I knew that when my father died, he would leave far more to her than to me, if he even left me anything. Obviously she wasn't going to change her position. I told her flat-out that I knew what her reasoning was.

My sister and I walked back into the room where my father and mother were. My father was talking about a lawsuit. I chimed in that I thought it was ridiculous that he would even think about such a thing. He didn't think a lawsuit would cost much. I told him it would cost a minimum of $20,000 apiece. I actually thought the lawsuit would cost much more than that, but he didn't think it would cost that much. I told him that even a simple deposition would cost $200 an hour and that a deposition could last for many, many hours.

More than ever I was opposed to his trying to take the cows from my step-grandfather Clarence.

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