Dream of: 22 May 2011 (2) "Young Intruder"

I was in a cottage where my mother was living. Some children ran past me, and then a boy (about 15 years old) stepped into the room from a side door which led outside. He just stood there, about a meter inside the door. When I stepped up to him and grabbed him by the wrists, he didn't resist. I immediately decided I was going to have to call the police. I picked up a phone and dialed "911." When a man came on the phone, I asked him if he was the police, and he said he was.

I hollered into the next room and asked for the address of the house. Someone hollered back that it was "16" and gave me the name of the street. I repeated the information to the police officer on the phone. I said I had just caught a boy inside our house.

The boy didn't say anything. He simply stood there. I figured he probably lived down the street. I told the officer on the phone that he could talk with the boy himself. I really didn't want to press charges against the boy - I just wanted someone to talk with him. The boy didn't seem dangerous.

Suddenly the phone clicked off. I thought about calling again, but then I decided I might simply take the boy home to his parents. As I continued to hold one arm, we walked outside. I could see some other boys sitting on the steps of a house down the street. I thought they were probably the boys who had been with the boy. I figured they were probably waiting for the boy. I thought I would simply take the boy to his parents and have them talk with him.

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