Dream of: 22 May 2011 "Rubbing Shoulders"

I was sitting in a library-like room, talking to a person about four 80 milligram tablets of Oxycontin which I had obtained. When I finished talking, an attractive black-haired woman (around 25 years old) who was sitting close to me backed up to me so that our shoulders where actually touching. I quipped that that was what was meant by the phrase "rubbing shoulders."

When she then started talking to me, I knew that she had overheard me talking with the other person about the pills. She and I then talked about the pills - clearly she wanted some.


Later, while I was in a large two-story white house where I was living, the same woman showed up at the door. As I looked at her through the screen door, I realized that she wasn't wearing a top and that her extremely attractive breasts were clearly visible. But when I opened the screen door, actually two women were standing on the other and they were both fully clothed.

Both women walked inside and started talking. Each woman had at least one child with her. After they had walked inside, it became clear that they both wanted some pills, and that they were willing to have sex with me if I would give them a pill. I was interested in both women. We stepped back out onto the front porch and when I asked them exactly what they wanted, they said that they wanted a pill apiece. I told them no, that I would give them one pill to split, and that they would each have sex with me for an hour. They agreed. I told them I would meet them at a hotel and they left.

I had thought about simply having sex with them there in my house, but I knew that Michelle would soon be showing up, and I didn't want Michelle to know about the two women or to catch me having sex with them. I figured the hotel would cost me about $60, which I unwillingly accepted.

After the women left, I began preparing to leave. I wondered if I should take all four pills with me, or if I should leave some there at the house. I could feel the pills in my pocket. I thought perhaps I should only take one with me.

As I was about to depart, I realized the metal hasp for the lock on the door had come off, so I had to take time to fix it.

When I finally left to go meet the women, I began thinking about having sex with both women at the same time. They were both about 25 years old and both were extremely attractive. I might even decide to stay all night with them. I would have to find some excuse to tell Michelle, although I couldn't think of anything to tell her at the moment. I knew that Michelle frequently left me and stayed away all night. I would simply have to invent a story the way that she did. If she could do it, I could do it.

I also thought I might take some of one of the pills myself. I would like to have sex before doing so, because I thought I would have difficulty acheiving an erection if I took the pill first. Maybe I would have sex first, then take a pill, then simply enjoy spending the rest of the night with the two vixens.  

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