I had great difficulty being objective about my father.

Dream of: 21 May 2011 "Beaten And Bruised"

My mother (only about 30 years old) and I arrived at the rear of a house which somehow resembled the House in Clarksfield (a house in northern Ohio where I lived from the ages of two to six). Articles of clothing were scattered all over the back yard. After a short interlude, I realized I could walk straight from the backyard into a closet on the inside of the House. My mother's clothes had been stored in the closet and slowly I realized that someone had taken my mother's clothes out of the closet and thrown them all over the back yard. Finally I realized my father had done the deed.

Suddenly I realized what had happened. I recalled that my father was a violent person. My mother sat down, not wanting to admit what was going on. When I looked more closely at her, I realized that she had dark bruises all over her and I knew that my father had beaten her. I began trying to persuade her that she needed to leave. I recalled that either 12 or 18 years previously I had tried to persuade my mother to leave my father, but she had stayed with him and now she was still undergoing the same torture. I told her that if she lasted through another similar time period (of either 12 or 18 years) she would still be undergoing the same treatment.

She started crying. She didn't want to leave my father, but she seemed to be giving in a little. Her predicament seemed so sad. She seemed to realize that she needed to get out of the situation, but she didn't seem to know how to do so. I clearly saw, however, that she needed to escape from her terrible situation.

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