Dream of: 20 May 2011 "The Shinning"

I was in a big room with about 10 other people in a building complex nestled in an isolated mountainous region. As we discussed the possibility of staying in the buildings during the winter, I noticed that the buildings and the mountainous setting reminded me of the resort hotel in the movie, The Shinning. I told the others that I didn't buy the premise of The Shinning, that someone spending the winter alone out in an isolated resort would go crazy (as had happened in the movie). I thought a person in such a situation would simply become accustomed to the isolation and persevere through it. I had the impression that the others didn't think I knew what I was talking about, but no one disputed what I had said.

 I had decided that I was going to stay in the isolated building for several months. When all the other people, except for one fellow, decided that they were going to leave, I was disappointed because I thought I was also going to have to leave with them. As I began preparing to depart, however, I suddenly decided that since  I had decided I was going to stay, I was indeed going to stay. When I asked the others if it was ok if I stayed, they looked rather reluctant, but they said I could. One fellow (probably in his late 20s) didn't seem particularly happy that I was staying, but he also said that I could stay.

The fellow said we would have to put a roof on one building. I didn't like the idea since it meant I would have to do a lot of work. I tried to think of some way that I could get out of that. Nevertheless I felt resigned that I would have to help with the roof.


The fellow (who had become my companion) and I had left for a while, and when we returned, only one tall thin man and one woman (probably also in their late 20s) remained. When I told my companion that I hadn't thought that anyone else would still be there, he reminded me that the man and woman were also supposed to stay. I accepted what he told me.

The woman was in a frenzy because the other tall fellow had been bothering her. Obviously the tall     fellow had gone crazy. He was marching back and forth and talking to himself. I told my companion that we were going to have to do something to get rid of the fellow. After agreeing with me, my companion walked up to the tall fellow and confronted him. The tall fellow immediately grabbed my companion and began twisting him. The tall fellow turned my companion upside down and looked as if he were going to break his arm, while the woman looked on, aghast. I knew I had to do something. My companion was looking at me as if to ask why I didn't jump onto the tall fellow and try to subdue him.

I stood thinking that I wished I had a big black iron skillet with which I could hit the tall fellow in the head and knock him out, but I didn't have anything. I thought my companion and I were simply going to have to jump on the tall fellow and tackle him to the ground. I didn't know if we could handle him. Obviously the tall fellow was very strong and he obviously knew how to handle himself. The situation seemed desperate.

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