Dream of: 19 May 2011 "Mosaic"

A man (around 30 years old) was walking around the house where I was living. He looked mid-eastern, although he was dressed in casual western clothes. He was slender, my height and sported a mustache. He told me he was looking for a tile mosaic which he had heard was on the floor of this house. I tried to picture the mosaic in my mind, but I didn't recall having seen one in the house. I did recall, however, that I had some of my collages in the house and that one of my collages was in the form of a mosaic. I told him that I didn't know of any tile mosaics on the floor, but then I added, "I have one."

When he showed interest, I led him into the adjoining room where my paper mosaic was sitting. I was rather proud of it since I thought I had done quite an artistic job. The mosaic was made from different colored paper and showed a blue bird sitting on a limb, while a black snake circled up the tree toward the bird.

As the man picked up the picture and perused it, I looked around for more of my collages which I might be able to show him. I had just recently seen one of my better collages sitting around, but I recalled that it contained the words "Celibacy or artistic death" written on it, and I now found that phrase a bit tacky, so I didn't want to show him that one. I thought he might appreciate some of my other collages, however, so I continued searching.

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