Dream of: 14 May 2011 "Banks Of The River"

I was sitting in a park which stretched along the Ohio River in Portsmouth, Ohio. Perhaps 20 meters in front of me was a sidewalk which ran parallel to the river. Another person was sitting facing me on the other side of the sidewalk. Apparently the person was judging some children who were moving along the sidewalk. The children would pass by one at a time. All the children were encased in some kind of small colorful contraption (each one different) which moved along like some kind of vehicle. Obviously the children were involved in a competition to see who had the best vehicle.

None of the vehicles seemed to be doing well and a couple broke down right in front of the judge. I slowly realized, however, that the same vehicle kept reappearing (apparently the sidewalk was part of a circuit) and each time they reappeared, they functioned better.

Finally it seemed as if the vehicles were making their final run. This time they were all in excellent form, and instead of traveling on the sidewalk, some were actually flying off the ground. I particularly focused upon one young child who was nonchalantly flying down the sidewalk. He wasn't in a vehicle, but was simply floating along in an upright standing position. He apparently had some kind of little propellers attached to him, perhaps over his head, but I couldn't see them well.

I marveled that he was able to fly like that. I had heard that devices had been invented allowing people to fly, but I hadn't realized that the devices had been perfected to such a high degree. I watched in amazement.

Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something incredible: off to my right, in the river, it looked as if a jet plane had crashed. I looked at the spot and I could clearly see a swirl of turbulent water. Suddenly a second small plane clearly crashed into the water. A moan went up from other people who were standing around the park. I hurried over to the edge of the river trying to see the jet which I thought had crashed. Gradually, right before my eyes, the white jet began nosing up out of the water. I could clearly see four or five people trapped in the cockpit. They looked at me desperately and although I couldn't hear them, I could tell from their lips that that were saying, "Help us!"

There was nothing I could do but watch helplessly.

Suddenly one man managed to open a door on the side of the plane. He was only about 10 meters away from me. As he struggled to get out of the door, I tried to think of what I could do to help. I knew I couldn't jump in the water because he might pull me under. And I didn't have a rope. I had no way to help him, but I hoped he would be able to make it on his own.

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