I began seeing my father more as a threat than as a blessing.

Dream of: 11 May 2011 "Water On The Road"

I was talking with my father who was sitting on the seat of a tractor. We seemed to be at a resort somewhere out in the country. Suddenly my father said, "Let's go fishing."

I wasn't particularly wild about the idea, but I decided to go fishing with him anyway. I climbed onto a platform which was attached to the front of the tractor and my father took off driving down the road. We quickly ran into a problem: part of the road was flooded with water. My father didn't stop, but plowed right through the water. He continued on until up ahead I saw that a flood of roiling water was swirling toward the road. I wanted my father to stop, but again he plowed into the water on the road. We made it through and again he continued on.

The water on the road behind us was growing and I saw that it might reach us if we didn't do something. We were no longer on the road but at the top of a verdant valley which stretched out below us. I could see a pond and people gathered around at the bottom of the valley. As my father started driving down the green hillside toward the pond at the bottom, I reflected that if the water broke through at the top of the hill, we could be trapped at the bottom in the ensuing flood. I thought we might be able to drive up the other side of the valley, but doing so would be dangerous. Nevertheless, we continued down the hill.

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