Dream of: 06 May 2011 "Hair Cut"

My ex-wife Louise had become a hair stylist. I went to her shop with the intention of having my hair cut. The shop was in a mall-like complex and consisted of one room which had windows all along the front side. As I was walking toward the front door, I could see Louise and another woman who appeared to also be working in the shop. Since I saw no customers inside, I figured Louise would be able to cut my hair. Just as I was about to reach the front door, however, another person walked toward the door ahead of me. I immediately fretted that the person would go in first and Louise would have to attend to that person and I would be relegated to the other worker in the shop. I was quite relieved when the person walked past the front door without entering.

I opened the door and walked in. Louise (around 30 years old with short dark hair) greeted me with a smile. Attired in a light-colored dress, she was friendly and seemed happy to see me. She handed me a paper and then sat down with the other worker. I glanced at the paper which contained information about the post office. Some writing (which had obviously come from a stamp and an ink pad) had been stamped onto the paper, and then a signature had been written under the stamped writing. Apparently this room had once been used by the post office. Perhaps it still was used somehow by the post office - I wasn't sure - but I didn't see what it had to do with me and I handed the paper back to Louise.

I definitely wanted Louis and not the other woman to cut my hair. I was already wondering what Louise's fingers in my hair would feel like. When I asked Louise if she could cut my hair, however, she played coy and said she had to go eat first. She said something about "ten minutes." I immediately told her that I could go with her to eat and that I could buy her meal for her. She was still friendly, but she seemed hesitant to accept my offer. I had the feeling, however, that she was going to allow me to accompany her.

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