Dream of: 05 May 2011 "Far From Home"

Michelle was sitting at a table and counting some coins which belonged to me. She had stacked up about ten dollars worth of quarters and about ten dollars worth of dimes. I had gradually become angry with her about something and suddenly I snatched up the quarters and stuck them in my pocket. In retaliation, she grabbed the dimes. I was upset because all the money belonged to me, but she was obviously going to keep the dimes. She jumped up and took off with another fellow who had also been in the room with us.

Her leaving presented problems because we were far from home. We were in the San Antonio, Texas area, where we had gone for a weekend vacation. Since we were supposed to leave later in the day and return home, I was now unsure whether Michelle planned to return home with me or whether she would find some other way home.

I waited for her all day. Although I had a phone, I didn't try to call her. At one point I walked outside and strolled around in a large carnival-like area among hundreds of people, but I didn't see Michelle anywhere. In a parking lot I found three items on the ground which I picked up. One was a tiny little hourglass only about a centimeter tall. It looked as if it had mercury inside instead of sand. It was encased in a little cardboard container which had some writing on it, one word of which was "Islam." I thought perhaps Muslims used it when they prayed. I recalled that Michelle and I had been previously playing some kind of game in which an hour glass would have come in handy. I thought maybe the next time I saw her we could use this hourglass to play the game.

I also found a little eraser, and a straight razor which folded up into a gray plastic case. I opened the case and saw that the razor looked sharp.

I went back to the house, which belonged to some relatives of mine who were out of town. Three other fellows who were acquaintances of mine were also in the house. It was late in the afternoon and I told them we would all have to leave soon. I began tidying up the place, hoping one of the fellows would help, but no one did. I wiped some debris off the kitchen stove and cleaned up the counters. I wanted to leave the place clean because I thought I might want to return again someday.

Finally around 4:30, I decided I needed to depart. I decided I had to call Michelle before I left because I simply couldn't leave her so far from home without first confirming that she had a ride. I dialed her number and she answered. I wasn't friendly, but she seemed chirper. I told her I was leaving, and she indicated that I shouldn't leave without her. So apparently she was still in the area. However, she didn't seem to want to tell me exactly where she was. When I told her I was leaving, again she protested that I should wait, but she still didn't tell me her location. She was friendly, but she seemed uncertain whether she wanted to go with me.

Although I was still angry, I nevertheless wanted her to come back.

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