Dream of: 25 April 2011 "Settling Down"

 As Michelle and I stood in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse, I gazed out the large picture-windows toward Symmes Creek at the bottom of the hill and toward the national forest area on the other side of the creek. I had been on the Farm all day and I only now realized that I hadn't seen any traffic headed to the forest today. That was odd because I knew a new resort area had been built back in the woods on the other side of Symmes Creek. I couldn't figure out why no one was going to the resort today.

I suddenly realized how happy I was on the Farm and I finally felt ready to make the decision to settle down there. I had been vacillating for quite some time between moving to the Farm or moving to Europe, probably Italy. I now clearly saw that I should choose the Farm. That didn't mean I couldn't travel to Europe and spend time there; but I wanted to live on the Farm.

I felt happy on the Farm. Michelle made me feel happy and I loved having her on the Farm with me. I still had many years to live and maybe Michelle would spend some of that time with me on the Farm. If not, I would probably still meet many people in my life whose company I could share on the Farm.

I might even try to become licensed to practice law in Ohio. I could start by getting to know some lawyers in nearby Gallipolis. I would need one of the lawyers to vouch for me if I applied for an Ohio law license.

I needed to talk to my father as soon as possible and let him know my decision. I couldn't move to the Farm without his permission, but I thought he would be willing to give it.

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